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Tourist destinations

The prices include all costs. Are valid for 1-4 pax. You can pay in cash or by card at the end of the trip directly from the driver.

Airports Transfer prices
Vienna Schwechat 55,000 HUF.
Debrecen 46,000 HUF.
Győr - Pér 31,000 HUF.
Pozsony (Bratislava) 46,500 HUF.
Sármellék 43,000 HUF
Border crossing points Transfer prices
Ártánd 44,000 HUF.
Hegyeshalom 41,000 HUF.
Letenye 52,000 HUF.
Nagylak 44,000 HUF.
Rajka 42,000 HUF.
Rédics 42,000 HUF.
Röszke 36,000 HUF.
Tornyosnémeti 48,500 HUF.
Záhony 61,500 HUF.
Places of interest Transfer prices
Aggtelek National Park 48,000 HUF.
Bükk National Park 40,000 HUF.
Esztergom 16,000 HUF.
Hortobágy 32,000 HUF.
Hollóháza 52,000 HUF.
Hollókő 20,000 HUF.
Kőszeg 49,900 HUF.
Őrségi National Park 60,000 HUF.
Sopron 48,000 HUF.
Szentendre 8,000 HUF.

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